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Our integrated foundation design solutions help civil/structural engineers worldwide in completing their projects in various types of industries. They offer complete design, from initial concept to final construction. Usable in every phase of a design project such as estimating, detail design, procurement and construction, they are design tools that will serve your rapid design needs every day, on every project. These tools will become invaluable to you for your foundation design needs.

Design sketches, drawings, and models are an integral part of the foundation engineering and design process. After all, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Transforming engineering calculations into constructible graphical forms such as design sketches, drawings, or models is what civil/structural engineers and designers do best — and our products help you do just that.


Foundation Design Suite™

Foundation3D 2019 is our plant-focused footing analysis/design solution that completes soil or pile supported foundation design with minimal input. Ideal for foundation design of plant equipment such as horizontal exchangers, horizontal and vertical vessels, drums, towers, stacks, pipe racks and other plant equipment, Foundation3D 2019 will increase your productivity immensely.

Mat3D 2019 is our general purpose yet comprehensive mat foundation design solution for soil and pile supported foundations. Mat3D 2019 supports multiple load points on a single mat or pile cap. Ideal for mat/pile cap foundation design of different types of structures such as buildings, transmission towers, refinery or mechanical equipment and many other projects, its easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical interface, with virtually zero learning time, Mat3D 2019 will make you productive instantly.

DSAnchor is our anchorage to concrete design solution. Computing anchor capacity for various failure modes is a time-consuming, computationally- intensive process that DSAnchor completes in just a few seconds. With its intuitive graphical interface and various user-defined parameters, you will complete anchor design for a wide variety of design situations accurately and effectively.

Shaft3D 2019 is our shaft design solution and is ideal for drilled shafts or caisson- type foundation design. Because it completes axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design all in the same solution, you no longer need two or more different software products to complete your shaft design. You can use Shaft3D 2019 on any of your transmission, transportation, residential, commercial or industrial projects to complete shaft design in a few seconds.

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