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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed here.

Product Installation FAQ

Technical FAQ

Which Operating Systems are supported?
All our products are currently supported on Windows operating system
Which versions of operating systems are supported?

Our products will work on Windows 10 & 11

What is the ideal screen resolution?

The minimum screen resolution to work with our products is 1366 X 768. A resolution of 1920 X 1080 is recommended.

What does the install consist of?

The install media consists of a single setup.exe downloadable from our web site.

Do the products support both a standalone and a network installation?
Yes our products support both a standalone and a network installation. Both installations are self-contained installs.
What are the various components designed by Foundation Design Suite?

Foundation Design Suite designs, soil supported footings or mats, pile caps, pedestals, drilled shafts (caissons) and anchor bolts. 

Which products design footings or pile caps?

Foundation3D and Mat3D design soil-supported footings and pile-supported pile caps.

Which products design pedestals supported on the footing or pile cap?

Foundation3D and Mat3D design pedestals supported on the footing or pile cap.

Which products design drilled shaft (caisson)?

Shaft3D designs drilled shaft.

Which products designs anchor bolts?

DSAnchor designs anchor bolts.

Are various types of pile arrangements supported by any of the products?

Yes. Both Foundation3D and Mat3D support both regular and irregular pile arrangements. With a single click, it is possible to generate a single, triangular, 2 to 30 pile layout, and circular or ring pile patterns. Additionally it is also possible to specify any unsymmetrical pile arrangement by specifying individual pile coordinates.

Are there any limitations on the number of load cases or combinations that can be created in any of the products?

Most of the products support unlimited number of load cases and combinations. 

Do the products compute the self weight of the components where applicable?

Yes. Both Foundation3D and Mat3D compute the self weight of the footing, soil and the pedestals and include it in the calculations. These self weights are also displayed separately on the output pages. Shaft3D also calculates the self weight of the drilled shaft.

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