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With DSAnchor, designing anchors for concrete foundations is no longer tedious or time-consuming. Our software allows you to quickly and accurately design safe anchorage in a few short steps. The intuitive graphical interface provides an easy way to determine safe anchorage of equipment and structures.

DSAnchor takes into account a wide range of variables that may arise in any project — from anchor patterns to load combinations and cases.

The following features assist you in designing and analyzing your projects in a few easy steps and give you the concise answers you need.


Design and Analysis features:

  • Anchor Patterns: rectangular and circular anchor patterns, symmetrical and asymmetrical anchor layouts
  • Display of individual anchor and anchor group capacity calculations
    Axial loads and biaxial bending
  • Select an anchor from default anchor tables or modify anchor tables according to company or client
  • Flexibility in choosing the anchors in tension and shear
  • Specify various user parameters such as tension and shear edge
    distances, group areas, interaction ratio, bolt bearing area
  • Verifies rebar and anchor bolt placement conflict
  • Graphical display of the governing modes of failure
  • Display of governing tension and shear control parameters
  • Recommendations to resist anchor tension and shear forces in case of inadequate anchor edge distances and embedment depth

When loaded into MS Excel, DSAnchor’s detailed report retains all appropriate equations and applicable code sections. For easy reference, it includes a graphic sketch as well.

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