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Foundation Design Suite  – July 2023 Release

Foundation Design Suite – Version 2023R1 is packed with our customer requested items. With a range of powerful new features and enhancements, it will allow you to accomplish more in less time in the way you design, analyze, and optimize your foundation design projects. Some of the major features are listed below.

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New Release Video

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  • Seamlessly import support node geometry, support reactions, load cases, load combinations, repeat loads from a Staad™ .anl file – Save foundation design time with direct import of these superstructure inputs 
  • Change pile offset angle of each ring to set a desired circular pile pattern and view chord to pile diameter ratio of each ring to determine pile spacing adequacy
  • Input user-specifed tabular allowable bearing pressure based on footing depth below grade and footing dimensions so that different allowable bearing pressures may be used for different footings in the same workspace
  • View footing crack control results such as calculated and allowable crack widths in footings for several international concrete design codes and ensure that code and client standards are met
  • View user-resizable footing / pier plan view in a pop-out window to see pier layout on the footing clearly with an expanded view
  • See Mat3D automatically determine and select critical load combinations governing serviceability and strength design of each footing – reduce your initial footing / pier sizing time and optimize your designs by letting Mat3D determine sizes that will resist the applied loads
  • Assess adequacy of pier reinforcement with display of requested area and provided area
  • Use CRSI recommendation for beam shear calculations of a pile supported footing when ACI 318 2014 & 2019 concrete design codes are selected
  • Experience better performance overall with several bug fixes

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