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Foundation3D 2019 Basic

Our simple yet powerful foundation design solution for completing spread footing and combined footing design, the “Basic” version is a comprehensive design tool with many features and functions that will help you complete everyday projects quickly and accurately.

International Design Codes Support
Supports many international concrete design codes such as ACI 318, BS 8110, CSA A23.3, Euro 2, IS 456, CP 65, AS 3600, IBC to help complete global projects
English/SI Units Support
Supports both of these units for input and output and converts them on the fly.
Custom User-defined Settings
Extensive set of settings allow completion of various kinds of projects. Customize your concrete, reinforcing steel, soil, pile, rebar and other parameters to meet your project or client needs.
Footing/Pedestal/Pile Geometry Inputs
Easy-to-use graphical interface provides a user-friendly way to input footing/pedestal/pile geometries with  support of various shapes of these components.
Load Cases and Combinations
Allows input of load cases and combinations in a user-friendly manner.
Soil/Pile Supported Designs
Completes both soil and pile supported foundation designs in an integrated environment, allowing you to consider many “what-if” scenarios for an optimal solution.
Multiple Foundation Components Design
Completes design of various components of a foundation such as pedestals and footing.
Rebar Layouts
Provides rebar layouts in pedestals and footing with customization options.
Material Quantities
Generates material quantities so you can provide accurate cost estimates to your customers at every phase of the project.
Detailed Design Sketches
Generates detailed design sketches with foundation plan, elevations and sections.
Generates detailed reports in Microsoft Excel for your internal or client needs.
Import/Export from Microsoft Excel
Supports import/export of data from/to Excel.
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