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Foundation3D Professional

Our “Professional” version offers many features.

Equipment Geometry Data Sheet

When designing foundations under equipment supports such as those for horizontal exchangers, horizontal vessels, vertical vessels, towers and many other similar types, you can input values in a detailed equipment data sheet specific to the type of equipment.

Automatic Load Generation

Generates equipment loads automatically depending on the equipment type.

Automatic Load Case Generation

Generates equipment specific load cases automatically.

Automatic Load Combination Generation

Generates equipment specific and concrete design code specific load combinations automatically.

Pier/Footing Dimensions

Computes the pier and footing dimensions to support equipment and the applied loads.

Pile Pattern Layout

Determines the pile arrangement required to resist the applied loads on equipment supports.

Fixed/Sliding Supports

For equipment such as horizontal exchangers and vessels, completes both fixed and sliding support foundation designs with a plan view displaying both footings graphically.

Spread vs Combined Footing Criteria

Designs spread vs combined footings for horizontal exchanger and vessel foundations based on user-specified criteria.

Square vs Octagonal Footing Criteria

Designs spread vs octagonal footings for vertical vessel foundations based on user-specified criteria.

2D AutoCad Drawings

Creates a 2D drawing in AutoCad displaying the plan view, elevation view and section view of the completed design including rebar details helping you manage your design-drawing environment and resources effectively.

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