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Foundation3D Premium

Our Premium version offers many more features in addition to those provided by Foundation3D Professional version. This version offers a very rich user experience and unique features, some of which are listed below:

Multiple Workspace Import

Imports multiple workspaces (foundations) from Microsoft Excel based on a known format.

Multiple Workspace Calculate

Completes multiple foundation designs with a single click.

2D Layout

Displays a 2D plot plan layout or view with foundation centerline coordinates of all workspaces in the selected project enabling you to view the foundation arrangement on site.

Foundation Conflict Resolution

Displays foundation layout conflicts with warnings enabling you to resolve conflicts during design stage thus avoiding costly field rework.

Multi Workspace 3D Layout

Displays a 3D layout or model of all workspaces in the selected project with standard model movements such as pan, zoom and standard views such as top view, left and right views, and isometric view.

Multi Foundation Calculation Results

Displays key results of all the completed foundation designs in a single window with color-coded rows so you can quickly determine the pass/fail condition of each foundation.

Multi Foundation Reports

Generates reports of all the calculated workspaces with one click.

Existing Foundation Modeling

Allows modeling of existing foundations without actually designing them helping in conflict resolution and space availability in early project stages.

Tank Ringwall Foundation Design

Complete a tank ringwall foundation design for small and large storage tanks with many user specified options (Requires a Tank3D license purchase).

Multiple Load Combination Sets

Create multiple load combination sets each with a specific “Use For” case such as bearing, stability, sliding, concrete design.

Different Concrete and Reinforcing Steel Parameters for Piers and Footings

Specify different concrete and reinforcing steel parameters for piers and footings.

Multi Workspace AutoCAD 3D Model

Generate 3D model of all workspaces in the selected project in AutoCAD including piers, footings, and piles.

Import PV Elite generated Equipment Geometry and Loads

Hexagon’s PV Elite completes pressure vessel and exchanger design. Save equipment geometry and loads input time through seamless integration of PV Elite with Foundation3D 2019.

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