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Foundation3D 2019, Mat3D 2019, Shaft3D 2019 – 2020R2 Release

These products have many new user interface as well as engineering enhancements. Some of the major enhancements are listed below.

To know more about the many features and functions that are part of these 2019 products, download a pdf here. To receive pricing information or other details about these products, please fill the information in the “Contact Us” section below and click the “Submit” button. We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.


  • Use Shaft3D 2019 to design a pile – Shaft3D 2019 is now hosted in the same framework as Foundation3D and Mat3D. Quickly complete axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design in seconds. To learn more, click here
  • Import support reactions and node geometry from a third party software solution in an irregular footing workspace to save time from manually entering load cases and combinations
  • Create an irregular shaped footing from a regular shaped footing to create a desired irregular shaped footing geometry
  • Select footings for design and in generating reports from a group of footings in a footing group workspace  – Selective choose the footings from a group of footings for calculation to save calculation and report time
  • Specify distance criteria to automatically create spread, combined or mat footings during import of third party generated node geometry
  • View a critical load combination including a count that governs among several footings in a footing group workspace so you can take the next course of action in an informed manner
  • Check anchor-rebar conflict and avoid costly field rework

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