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Foundation3D 2019, Mat3D 2019

These products have many new user interface as well as engineering enhancements. Some of the major user interface enhancements are listed below.

To know more about the many features and functions that are part of these 2019 products, download a pdf here. To receive pricing information or other details about these products, please fill the information in the “Contact Us” section below and click the “Submit” button. We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.


  • Addition of Irregular-shaped footing design with the ability to create an irregular footing geometry supporting piers and cutouts (holes) in an easy-to-use designer. You can now complete irregular-shaped foundation design in minutes.
  • Addition of an easy-to-use Workspace Wizard with easy-to-understand tiled images to create a new workspace from a selection of many possible types of workspaces. Create default workspaces with user-specified default footing and pier geometries or import data from other third party software solutions to create a workspace with just a few clicks
  • Addition of Footing Reinforcement Plan to clearly display the rebar size and spacing in each section of the footing in each orthogonal direction. Save significant sketching time by printing the footing plan reinforcement details at each reinforcement level – top and bottom with a single button click
  • Export legacy Foundation3D and Mat3D input files (with file extensions .exh, .hvs,. vvs, .mcs, .m3d) for import into Foundation3D 2019 & Mat3D 2019. Easily bring in input data from legacy products completed months or years ago into the 2019 products
  • Open and save workspace files using File Explorer so that you can work on your foundation designs by simply double-clicking on the workspace files to open them in the appropriate 2019 product
  • Import Hexagon’s GT STRUDL created structure geometry and support reactions seamlessly. Create and design several spread footings under each support node of a GT STRUDL created structure in minutes and save significant footing creation and design time.
  • Import Hexagon’s PV Elite created equipment geometry and loads seamlessly. Create and design equipment spread or combined footings under each support of a PV Elite designed equipment (pressure vessel, exchangers) in minutes and save significant equipment geometry and load input time
  • Generate AutoCAD drawings and 3D models in many different versions of AutoCAD. Save drafting and modeling time by reducing errors in data transition from engineering groups to drafting groups

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