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Q. What types of analyses does Shaft3D complete?

A. Shaft3D completes axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design.

Q. Is it possible to model multiple soil layers in Shaft3D?

A. Yes, the soil layers with unique set of soil properties can be modeled graphically in Shaft3D.

Q. Does Shaft3D support unlimited number of load cases and combinations?

A. Yes, Shaft3D supports unlimited number of load cases and combinations. Adding, modifying and deleting load cases or combinations is a very trivial task in Shaft3D.

Q. Does Shaft3D calculate vertical settlement of the shaft?

A. Yes, Shaft3D calculates vertical settlement of the shaft.

Q. What type of lateral capacity analysis is performed by Shaft3D?

A. Shaft3D uses finite element analysis to complete lateral capacity analysis.

Q. Can Shaft3D complete a design if I just have the type of soil in each layer but do not have detailed soil properties of each layer?

A. Yes, Shaft3D displays a range of values of the soil properties once a soil type is defined for each layer. A specific value from this range can be selected to complete the shaft design.

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