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At Dimensional Solutions ("DimSoln") our goal is to develop tools that solve complex civil engineering tasks with simple, easy steps.

DimSoln is not just a software company. It is an engineering culture focused on providing state-of-the-art software solutions for civil engineering design issues.

When we say we provide "advanced foundation design software -- for engineers, by engineers" it is because our software designers also know the civil engineering design work process from personal experience.

We make it our business to find every opportunity to automate the design process in order to reduce your workload and increase your productivity.

Our Foundation Design Suite features five (5) distinct programs that, between them, can design many different types of foundations. The suite includes Mat3D, Foundation3D, Shaft3D, DSAnchor, and Combined3D. Our products also support integration with several popular CAD programs.

Each Dimensional Solutions software program can complete a foundation design that considers a variety of input conditions including materials, soil types, asymmetries and more. Our design engine takes your geometric and enviromental inputs and develops construction drawings including sections, plans, and 3D renderings with your favorite CAD.


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