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Foundation Design Suite  – 2021R2 – March 2022 Release

Foundation Design Suite has many new user interface as well as engineering enhancements in 2021R2 – March 2022 release. Some of the major user interface enhancements are listed below.

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  • Select unlimited critical load combinations for use in Mat3D Design Mode  to view completed designs in just a few minutes. Eliminate guesswork and time-intensive effort in determining pier and footing sizes by letting Mat3D automatically provide these after completing all required design calculations
  • Use Shear Enhancement for pile supported footings to optimize footing design. Provide shear enhancement factors to customize your project needs
  • Select whether to use minimum tension structural reinforcement in footing – When IS 456 concrete design code is selected, choose whether or not minimum tension structural reinforcement criteria should be used to provide footing reinforcement
  • View pier punching shear and pile punching shear results in Calculation Results output pages to quickly determine if punching shear governs the design
  • Use different allowable pile compression, tension and shear capacities for each pile in a pile cap to complete special projects requiring different pile types with different allowable pile capacities
  • Complete your work faster with many user interface enhancements and bug fixes
  • Experience easier licensing check out process and updates with many licensing related enhancements
  • Experience better performance overall with many bug fixes

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